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Address 5590 Lake Avenue, Sanford, FL

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You are free to reschedule your weekly service in the following cases:
– If your rescheduling request is done, at least, 24 hours before the day of the service through a phone call or e-mail.
– If you are in a hurry or unexpected situation. An especial occasion that do not allow you to have the service that day.

If it is an estimate visit and no specific time has been agreed upon, an approximate time is given between 9 am and 4 pm.

We accept Debit Card, Credit Card, Cash, Checks, Zelle or CashApp Transfers.

For basic recurring services the ideal is to have the customer’s card in our system.

If it is a basic service, a price can usually be given over the phone or if the property has been serviced for at least two weeks. If it is more than 2 weeks, an estimate visit must be scheduled.

For landscaping, irrigation or cleaning services, an estimate visit must be scheduled.

Estimates are free of charge unless irrigation is performed by the contractor.

After confirming with the team that they have enough time to cover that service at the moment and getting the exact pricing for that service, we can cover that need.

In case the team confirms that there is not enough time or tools to cover that service on demand, we will reschedule that service and get back to you through an email or phone call to confirm the cost for that additional service.

Yes, after confirming your service schedule, you will receive a service agreement via email to proceed to confirm your home visit for service.

Yes, we do! 

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